HELLO! My name is Lee Padgett. I am the owner of Busted Bra Shop in Detroit. I am often asked why I opened a bra shop in Detroit.  My answer is simple, we needed one.  I wear a bra and panty everyday, but couldn't buy one in the city I live in, until now.  I figured other ladies were having the same issue.  I entered the Hatch Detroit contest in 2013 to see if the ladies of Detroit were interested, and they were.

The contest was over in August, and by December, we were open in our current location.  I am in the shop most days helping women find the foundations that work for them.

The staff at Busted is expertly trained in fitting bras and foundation garments. We are professional and knowledgeable.

The ladies at Busted are really problem solvers.  We carry bras for several different body types.

We love a challange!  If bra shopping is a nightmare for you, let us take the guess work out.

We carry bras of several shapes, sizes, and uses. From a AAA-N cup, a 26 - 56 band, and a wide array of colors. 

Need an everyday, sport, nursing, plunge, wire-free, backless, or just a pretty Bra?  We have those and more.

We want you to walk out of the dressing room having fallen in love with yourself in your new bra from Busted.

Some of our customers get so excited about their new bra that they can't keep it to themselves. Be warned, flashes happen.

Want a private party?

We can schedule a private party for you and 8-25 of your friends at no charge.
Give us a call, at 313-288-0449
or message us.
We can work out the details.